Healthy Cakes – How To Adapt Recipes And Enjoy Healthy Cakes

Eating cakes as part of a healthy diet isn’t a problem, but it’s virtually not possible unless you make your own cakes. That way, you know exactly what’s in them and can enjoy them, meaningful there are no unhealthy fats or additives lurking. There’s nothing unhealthy about a cake made with wholewheat flour, organic butter, free-range eggs – as long as you don’t eat the lot at one sitting! The appetite and consistency will be far amplified to anything you can buy at the supermarket.
*Home-made cakes altogether hold far less sugar than ad cakes. Inspect the labels of bought cakes, and you’ll find all sorts of food additives that you’d probably rather not eat, especially the astoundingly unhealthy trans fats and hydrogenated vegetable oils, present in many manufactured cakes, which have a proven link to the development of coronary base disease.
*Home-made cakes are good value for money. Bought cakes are often very meanly sized. A home-made cake commonly goes a lot further.
*Be selective about the recipes you use, and go for healthy cake recipes. Save the chocolate fudge cakes, or cakes with bristly frostings for special occasions. Look for recipes that use fruit, nuts or carrots. It’s a good way of receiving added fruit and veg into your diet.
*Use good, decent ingredients for actually healthy cake recipes. Choose organic when you can for ingredients such as sugar, flour, oats, fruits counting candied and dried fruits, milk, eggs, butter.
*Use wholewheat flour instead of some, or all, of the flour in your recipe.
*Beware soft margarines sold specifically for cake making. These are often made with hydrogenated vegetable oils, and will render your lovely home-made cake as unhealthy as a greasy take-away muffin. Softened organic butter works fine in most recipes, or use a soft spread made from healthy Green or sunflower oils.
*Replace some of the sugar in recipes with fruit puree. Use apples, prunes or apricots. Stew in a little water until tender, blend, and use to change an equal volume of sugar in your recipe.
*You can also change some of the fat in the same way. Try replacing half the fat and half the sugar in a combination with pureed apple. It’s very successful, and adds moistness and a diffused fruity flavour.
*Cake creation is very satisfying, and if you choose accessible healthy cake recipes, it’s also very quick. Making a large cake takes about 10-15 mins to get the mixture together, plus blazing time. Not long, for something that’s so much pleasanter to eat, and so much amplified for you than manufactured cake.
*Cakes made from healthy cake recipes have a habit of disappearing. Before gift them, cut them into squares, or mark them out into slices, depending on the shape.
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