Bonsai Burgers

Bonsai Burgers
Serves 16 | Prep 10 mins

500g chicken keema
Half a cup of dry breadcrumbs
egg white
1 tablespoon of garlic paste
1 tablespoon of green chilli paste
Half a cup of fresh dhania (coriander), chopped
Salt to taste
16 lettuce leaves or baby palak (spinach) leaves
16 thin slices of tomatoes
Half a cup of onion slices
16 small buns
Mayonnaise to taste (you can use the eggless variety)
Mustard sauce (optional) 
1. Combine chicken keemabreadcrumbsegg whitegarlic and chilli paste, and dhania (coriander) in a bowl. Mix well.
2. Heat oil in a frying pan. Shape chicken keema mixture into 16 small patties, placing on the frying pan as you go. Brown well on both sides, and check if cooked through.
3. Slice buns in half. Place one lettuce/palak leaf in each bun. Top with a chicken patty, 1 tomato slice, 1 onion slice, a dollop of mayonnaiseand mustard sauce (if using). Cover with the other half of the bun. 
Another junk-food classic that makes an adorable bite-sized treat. For an innovative serving style, wrap the burgers in butter paper.

Variation - Try mini sandwiches with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. 

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  1. i am impress about this recipe. its awesome and i made it at home very Delicious




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